Posted by: Brian O'Connor | March 1, 2010

Let no Business go Unfettered

Many have complained about the City’s dawdling pace when it comes to snow removal, or just about any service local government is required to provide, but there is one thing that always lights a fire under the feet of the Mayor’s office; additional revenue.  At the slightest sign of progress or prosperity, the City of Pittsburgh comes running looking for a cut.

Take for instance “Urban Agriculture”.  City of Pittsburgh residents, whether to reduce food costs or to eat more organically, have taken to raising chickens, tending beehives or growing small gardens on their property.  As soon as Mayor Luke heard about this new trend he came looking for money.  My bad, it was not the Mayor himself (he was skiing or celebrating Mardi Gras or something), but his office.  Joanna Doven, the Mayor’s spokeswoman said;

“Anytime you see something growing and expanding and there are no rules, you need to regulate it,”

And of course by regulate it she means to charge  the Urban Agriculturists a $300 fee (per garden, hive or coop).  Instead of saving a few dollars and enjoying fresh, organic products, these “farmers” wind up having to pay more for their food than everyone else in the city.  Somehow that just does not sound fair.

Please Mayor Luke, get your financial house in order and leave these small-scale farmers alone.


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