Posted by: Brian O'Connor | March 2, 2010

Onorato Campaign Struggles

Allegheny County Commissioner Dan Onorato’s race for Governor of Pennsylvania seems to have hit a few potholes of late.  Anointed by Ed Rendell and blessed with bags full of money, he was once seen as a sure thing, but his frontrunner’s image has taken a few hits of late.  Although 72% of Democrat voters are currently undecided, Mr. Onorato’s 6 point lead in December vanished in February.  At the Democratic State Committee meeting last month, Onorato’s chief rival, State Auditor General Jack Wagner received more than twice as many votes (153-76) although neither man was eventually endorsed by the Committee.

Now we find out that one of the many enemies that Dan Onorato has made over his 18 year political career has begun a rather unflattering Blog about the Allegheny County Commissioner.  Dan’s Land of Make Believe parodies Onorato as Pittsburgh’s own Mr. Rodgers and sarcastically lists the top 10 reasons (there are actually 13) why Dan should be Governor.  Well, the opponents of the Allegheny County Drink Tax did say that he would pay for his actions.

2010 shapes up to be a very interesting year politically, especially in Pennsylvania.


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