Posted by: Brian O'Connor | March 12, 2010

People Who Live in Glass Houses…

Mark Critz (D)

Within moments of receiving the Republican nomination for the special election in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional district, Tim Burns (R) was  attacked by the DCCC and Pennsylvania Democrats.  In a news release prepared long before the conferee the final vote was known, the Democrats reach back to the standard tactic of class warfare, labeling Tim Burns as a businessman who “no concern for job loss in Western Pennsylvania.”

Which is an interesting tactic for the Democrats to take considering that their candidate, Mark Critz, has several issues that Democrats themselves  have been hammering him on for the past few weeks.  In 2005, Critz was involved in several earmark project meetings which proved to be a dangerous mix of inappropriate lobbying and congressional interests and which have since led, so far, to criminal convictions for 3 men. 

Critz’s previous private sector experience has also come under fire from Democrats.  While acting as the Business Manager and Bookeeper for Parkins Inc., a Johnstown-based company that did work for the state Department of Transportation, the company ran afoul of tax law running up $127,000 in state tax violations.  In addition, Critz was working  at Parkins while he was also working for Congressman Murtha, which has raised questions of impropriety as well.

Democrat insiders believe that Critz’s various problems taint him so bad as to make him unelectable in the conservative 12th Congressional District.  Even as late as the night before the committee ruled, insiders were saying that it was, “very unlikely, incredibly unlikely” that Critz would be handed the nomination.  The following day, it was Critz’s ability to quickly and sufficiently raise significant campaign funds that led to his nomination.

The old saying goes, “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones”, so then why would Critz and the DCCC begin throwing stones just minutes after the nomination.  It seems that the Democrats are very afraid of Tim Burns.


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