Posted by: Brian O'Connor | April 6, 2010

Governor Chuckles I-80 Cryfest.

Tears of a Clown.


Governor Chuckles (some call him Ed Rendell, I do not) ended his workday in tears today when the Federal Highway Administration rejected Pennsylvania’s plan to charge tolls on I-80.  Always scheming for more of your dollars, Chuckles’ plan was to “raise revenue” (read; tax drivers) from drivers by charging a toll on a road that was paid for with your federal tax dollars.  It’s just like our Clown of a Governor to try to charge drivers twice (since it was Federal tax dollars that paid for the road in the first place), so that he can make up for his own poor budget planning.  He knows that the Republicans will not let him raise taxes, so he has to cut, cut, cut, from the budget. 

This is a big victory for Pennsylvania taxpayers, a temporary setback for the Clown’s money grubbing ambitions. 

Boo hoo, Clowney, boo hoo! 

Keep you grubby clown fingers of out money Chuckles.  Fortunately your time is running out.



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