Posted by: Brian O'Connor | April 11, 2010

Big #@%&ing Deal for Critz

Vice President Joe Biden


Hide the little ones, cover grandma’s ears, Joe “Big #@%&ing Deal” Biden is coming to Cambria County.  The human gaffe machine is coming to Western Pennsylvania to stump for Jack Murtha’s former leggman and current Congressional candidate Mark Critz. 

The PA-12 race is already getting a fair amount of national attention and what better way to bring  more than to have our Foul-Mouthed Vice President campaigning for a congressional candidate that has a few moral idiosyncracies of his own; that is if you consider soliciting Government subsidized jobs for the company you manage while also working for a well-connected, pork attracting congressman.  Not to mention the Ethics Investigations

Oh, and then “forgetting” to pay the company’s state taxes while managing soliciting its money. 

Talk about a “no-brainer”, if you go to this event you will get to see two.



  1. […] weekend, Joe “Big F-ing Deal” Biden is coming to Western PA to raise money for Tim Burns’ Democrat challenger.  In response, we conservatives need to step up and show […]

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