Posted by: Brian O'Connor | April 27, 2010

Back it up!

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (D)


On the Bill Press Show, Pennsylvania’s Governor Chief Clown Ed Rendell Chuckles spread his mirth and humor.  While discussing the Tea Party, Rendell Bozo stated emphatically that Tea Party is over-hyped and that their rallies only draw 1,000-1,500 protestors.  Rendell Clowney also challenged that  he could have 100,000 protestors on the lawn of the Capital in Washington D.C. to protect puppies. 

Back it up Rendell Fat Boy! 

Sunday, May 2, 2010 I want to see 100,000 people like-minded clowns at the Mall showing their support of Protecting Puppies. 

If you cannot, then shut the pie-hole funny man. 

Oh, by the way, can you count the people in the 9/12 photo below?  I didn’t think so. 

9/12/2009 March on Washington.




  1. Hey — I like puppies! But guess what! I like my freedom more!

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